Online Betting Sites in India in 2021

In today’s time, you will find many online gambling platforms available for bettors from India. Most of them are high-quality platforms and feature the finest betting components. If you are looking for some of the top betting sites that cater to the needs of gamblers from the Indian subcontinent, the list of the best official online betting websites in India are as follows:


Betwinner is one of the newest gambling sites in the industry today. However, do not let the ‘newcomer’ demeanor fool you; Betwinner is considered one of the largest modern online casinos today. It offers a wide range of betting games and odds that you will love. It has a dedicated section for cricket, which is one of the most popular sports in India. Additionally, Betwinner is considered a top-rated platform for bonuses and promotions.


Unibet is one of the most famous online gambling sites today. Part of its fame is because the site has been around for many years now. Unibet caters to Indian gamblers by allowing them to stream the matches and accepting Rupees; the platform also provides exceptional odds. Apart from the best betting section, can download Unibet’s official app for your mobile device.


The main sport you will find at 22bet is football. Hence, the customers you see here are niche. However, 22bet makes up for the lack of gaming titles for features like quick bet withdrawal/deposit options and attractive bonuses. If you are a football fan, then 22bet is the platform you should visit.


A section of the famous 888 Casino, 888sport is open for players from India. Sadly, the platform does not accept cash in the form of Rupees. However, the site is known to offer one of the best online gambling experiences and odds. Apart from betting on sports like football and cricket, you will be amazed by the list of the latest online gambling titles.


Casumo is yet another new name in the Indian online betting market. However, the site is quite a famous and reputable one. It is best known to accept Rupees currency and offers quite a list of sports betting and casino games. The site is also known to provide gigantic bonuses to its players, especially the repeating customers. You can download the official Casumo bet app and play via your mobile device.

Is Online Betting Legal in India?

As of now, betting in India physically is not legal. However, this does not mean that you cannot engage yourself with a session or two of online betting. There are no legal laws written anything about online betting that makes it illegal.

However, the legality and rates of online gambling will depend on which state you reside in. State governments also have the choice of legalizing online betting within their respective states. If you are unable to play at an online casino website, it is suggested that you check out the local legal laws regarding the same.Betting sites in India 2021

Live Betting

Live betting is one of the most popular forms of online betting in India. This is because you need to place your bets based on the current scenario of the sport you have chosen. In turn, this builds up the excitement of the game.

In fact, most Indian bettors prefer the live betting aspect of online casino sites. One of the most favorite sport to bet on is football. One major advantage of live betting is that you can change the terms and amount of the bet according to what is happening on the TV screen. Some other popular live betting sports include cricket, horse race, ice hockey, and badminton. You can easily find a list of the best official online betting websites in India.

Sports Betting in India

Sports betting is a completely new phenomenon within the Indian subcontinent. However, this form of betting is only growing in popularity. There are several top-rate reasons as to why sports betting is getting so much attention in India, some of which include:

  • India is a country where most of the residents are sports fanatics. They would not want to miss out on a chance to wager their bets on their favorite sports. Most of these online betting platforms provide popular games like cricket, horse racing, and football to their customers.
  • Indian bettors are offered access to markets like the NFL and NBA, something that is otherwise not available to them. Apart from the sports mentioned above, most sports betting website providers also offer other games like basketball, badminton, and tennis.
  • Indian bettors are allowed to place their bets on physical sportsbooks. All you need to do is look for them that are within your vicinity.
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